Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby Olivia

Profile shot of her. She yawned a great big yawn, and sucked like she was nursing...and I got to see it!
This is a 4D picture of her face...she is smiling in the first placenta is on the side of her. Isn't technology amazing? She even looks like she is getting some chubby cheeks!

Okay, so this is supposed to be all about baking...but not for a min. Can I just express how truly blessed and thankful I am. I was able to see my sweet baby again to day. I am so grateful for the place I am right now...I woke up this morning and ran 4 1/2 miles (at a pretty good pace) 30 and 1/2 weeks pregnant...and then got to see my beautiful little girl! She is so wonderful....she swallowed, and smiled, and is so absolutely perfect. I thought a little mention of her is okay...because she pretty much occupies most of my thoughts every waking min. I am so anxious to meet her and to hold her, and to kiss her little neck...change her diapers, pat her back and gaze at her for hours. It is amazing really. God is so good to us. I feel so blessed and honored to be able to carry this little spirit for 9 (long) months. To feel her move and to dream of her life...and to have such a divine purpose. I am grateful beyond measure...I love her.


Texas Roney Family said...

How sweet!! Thanks for sharing your sweet thoughts. I am excited to meet Olivia. She is a very blessed girl to be coming to such a great family!

Amanda said...

super cute pics. I actually know exactly what a 30 week baby looks like out of the belly. So I can really picture what she looks like. Glad everything is going well. And those cookies look too good to eat. You are amazing with frosting.

Christi said...

What sweet pictures! I'm so glad you're pregnancy is going so well. Olivia will be absolutely gorgeous just like your other cuties! (FYI: My girls love ohhing and ahhing over all of your creations! Too bad you're not here to give us private classes.) Happy New Year!