Saturday, January 24, 2009

Olivia is Two Weeks!

To celebrate Olivia turning two weeks old I made her nurses at the NICU some sugar cookies decorated in onsies and crowns. I loved the way the onsies turned out and wished I could have played with a few more designs I had floating in my head...but time is not something I have in abundance lately.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Baby Blessing

See what happens when I am not allowed to exercise! Too much time on my hands...I'm trying to keep my mind active so bare with the many new post today!
Another friend of mine wanted to order some cookies for her daughter who was to be blessed in church. I had so much fun making these cookies. I cut out each one by hand and then made sure that each of them were decorated differently. One of her boys was also celebrating so I made him just a simple fun cake...actually out of all my cakes this one is one of my favorite because of the simplicity.

Bridal Shower

I did this cake for my same great friend...this was for a bridal shower. We did the cake to match the dress. Her bridal gown was white and opened in the back to this sage green with embroidery. The dress was beautiful. That day the winds were high and the moment I stepped outside to help deliver the cake the whole flower arrangement flew off. I was able to re-do the flowers and it all turned out fine.


Another cake from last summer. This was a cake for a friends daughter that loves the "Justice" (clothing store) monkey. It was very simple just a 8 inch round cake I think that we did cookies and cream.

Tom and Jerry

Because I am on a baking hiatus for now...I thought I would post some pictures of cakes that I have done in the past starting with Ryan's birthday. Ryan LOVES Tom & Jerry. I made this cake in just a few hours...and had also made cupcakes for his class that matched, I didn't start them until 11PM and I had a fever...they were not my favorite but good enough for a 4 year old to eat!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Great things come in small packages!

Sweet baby Olivia is here! With a bunch of hear about those details you will have to see the family blog...But back to baking...can you believe it. When the traumatic events unfolded a week ago today, I was decorating a cake for a two year old's birthday. It was going to be the cutest cake ever! I did not get to finish...and so in quite a cathartic way I made the NICU nurses a 1 WEEK OLD BIRTHDAY CAKE for Olivia! It is because of them and her Doctors that she is alive and growing stronger each day, and I am forever indebted to them!

The cake resembles the cake I was going to make the day she was born...just in a smaller package like her! It is a Butter Yellow Cake with Strawberry White Chocolate filling.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Snowflakes...okay not real is actually supposed to be close to 70 again this weekend! Cookies...and lots of them. A friend ordered 4 dozen snowflake cookies for this Friday...I made it an even 50. Daughter # 1 reminded me that "No two snowflakes are alike mom!" Were upon daughter #2 made fun of her and said, "You got that off of Barney!" They were the soft sugar cookie...and also "Martha's Chocolate Cookies". They were iced in Royal Icing and then dusted with sparkling sugar...which I like much better than "sanding sugar" I find the sanding sugar is too big. And yes, no two were alike.

I have realized that as much as I love to bake...the novelty of it is wearing off the more and more pregnant I get. For one thing I just do not like most of what I eat these days. Really is women supposed to live by tomatoes, swiss cheese, and mushrooms alone? That is all that ever sounds good to me. I have "tried" baking myself some treats...I even made a pan of Cream Cheese Bars when my in-laws came last Saturday...Guess What...I threw the ENTIRE pan away today...with only the two small pieces gone, that were eaten by others last Saturday. It is strange to be really in the mood for something...only to not be interested in it in the slightest once given. Don't tell my mom...but I actually threw out the rest of the See's Chocolates that she sent me for Christmas....come on mom...2lbs! Are you trying to kill me! I was eating them just because I knew I could not get them again...and because I was "supposed" to love them. But not even See's was able to impress me lately. So I threw them out so that my thighs...which by the way...Why when I haven't taken anytime off the workouts and haven't been sitting around eating bon bons...did they have to grow at the same rate as my belly?...back to the See's... they met the trash rather than the eagerly awaiting thighs...because frankly they just were not cutting it. Maybe this is an impending sign that baby Olivia will be one of THOSE that I have heard about...that does not like chocolate or sweets...Not in my house :)