Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome Home!

Because I had left over frosting and filling from Saturday's cake...and because it's not a party with out cake...I threw together this cake on Sunday to celebrate Olivia coming home. The kids thought it would be fun.

We also made homemade pizza and they got to drink "Rootbeer"...which is a huge treat in our house, because even though I bake cookies almost daily...I never allow "soda" or store-bought junk food except on special occasions....this is why they asked for cocoa puffs and Lucky charms for Christmas :)


Texas Roney Family said...

That is so cute!! You aer so blessed and talented. What a great celebration!!

Christine said...

Congratulations on bringing your baby home! I really want to know how you learned to decorate like that! You have such a talent!!! Martha Stewart is nothing compared to you!