Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So who would.....

So who would pay $6.99 for 3 cups of flour you ask? A crazy chocolate chip cookies connoisseur... Coconut Flour...who knew it existed? I ran across this woman's baking blog... she makes crazy good baked goods....I stalk her :) Anyway, she posted a recipe using coconut flour used in chocolate chip cookies...and so of course my hunt began.... I found said flour, at Whole Foods Market...yes, I drove 20 min. just to check....$6.99...for a tiny little bag...and yes, I bought it. I made the cookies tonight. Like I said there always seems to be some reason I can get myself in the kitchen baking. This time I am baking cookies for a bridal shower.... I followed her recipe almost exactly....except substituting buttermilk where she used cream...and using half whole wheat pastry flour. Other than that look for her recipe on her website. My review of the cookie? It was very yummy...but not really worth the effort...or the price tag I might add....I think I am better off with my "Oatbran, whole wheat, Wheatbran" creations I have been baking lately...recipe to come soon!

Still Baking!

I might be taking a brief break from decorating cakes...(1 week so far)....but not from baking. It seems there is always some good reason for me to bake. I made these cupcakes for a night when we were having our church missionaries over for dinner. The cupcakes were a delightfully rich chocolate fudge...they had a chocolate cream cheese mousse filling piped in them, and topped with a simple white buttercream. Daughter #2 loved them and said they were the best I have made...I think this was a funny comment because just days before I could not talk her into having a cupcakes for her birthday...instead she had a candle wedged in a toaster strudel?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Polka Dots

This cake was for a baby shower...I think it is my favorite of the polka dot cakes. The cake was a Butter Yellow Cake with a Whipped Chocolate Ganache filling...YUM! The cake was decorated pink with brown polka dots and a brown ribbon loop bow. I also made little pearls to dress it up. I made a perfect ribbon bow for the top but changed my mind right before and went with the standard loop bow instead. (I will post pictures of the other bow.)

On other news...I am taking a break from cake making/decorating. I have in the recent weeks found myself soothing my new baby...trying to get her to stay happy in her bouncy seat for HOURS...while I frost and decorate cakes. ...what? She will only be this Innocent and sweet and little for such a small amount of time...and I want, and need to sit and love, and cuddle, and cherish her.... instead of making cakes. I think that my mom's current battle with breast cancer has awoken me even more to the important things in life, and as much as I like to make and decorate cakes...and as much as I love to stay way to busy...this is the season in my life to be a rock my baby...and slow down my life.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birthday Boy

Birthday boy! I even let go of my control-perfectionism parts and let the girls frost the cupcakes(for his class at school), and the boy help decorate his birthday basketball. The cupcakes and cake were a new concoction...white cream cheese cake, with a oreo fudge filling...YUMM! Yes, me...I even snitched a bite! If it were my choice I would have covered the basketball in fondant, and tried to make it very realistic... HOWEVER, the boy, in the past, has snitched fondant while I have been decorating and HATES it....he said , "Mom...whatever you do for my birthday cake ...NO Fondant!" I used all buttercream.

Cake and more Cake..

April will always be a month filled with cake. 3 out of 4 kids and husband all have birthdays in the next 2 well as some fun orders I have coming up. This cake was for a going away party...The nurses at the hospital ordered it. The mini cake was for one of the doctors birthday, that was on the same day as the going-away party. I wish I had such great co-workers when I had a "real" job. The cake was Butter Yellow with a Strawberry White Chocolate filling.