Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Polka Dots

This cake was for a baby shower...I think it is my favorite of the polka dot cakes. The cake was a Butter Yellow Cake with a Whipped Chocolate Ganache filling...YUM! The cake was decorated pink with brown polka dots and a brown ribbon loop bow. I also made little pearls to dress it up. I made a perfect ribbon bow for the top but changed my mind right before and went with the standard loop bow instead. (I will post pictures of the other bow.)

On other news...I am taking a break from cake making/decorating. I have in the recent weeks found myself soothing my new baby...trying to get her to stay happy in her bouncy seat for HOURS...while I frost and decorate cakes. ...what? She will only be this Innocent and sweet and little for such a small amount of time...and I want, and need to sit and love, and cuddle, and cherish her.... instead of making cakes. I think that my mom's current battle with breast cancer has awoken me even more to the important things in life, and as much as I like to make and decorate cakes...and as much as I love to stay way to busy...this is the season in my life to be a rock my baby...and slow down my life.


Lorri said...

Just love you Jamie

marzipanmom said...

Hello! I came across your site after googling "sweetbakes" because it was one the names we thought of for my at-home baking business. I am also a stay-at-home mom and love to bake and exercise. Your creations are beautiful! and congrats on your new baby. I had a little girl at 28 weeks gestation and 2lbs 15 ounces - she's now almost 13 and taller than I am! I was wondering if you have any tips on icing cookies as beautifully as you do, and do you use prepared fondant or do you make your own? Fondant is another thing I'd like to try my hand at. Anyway, just thought I'd say hello and let you know that I think you're extremely talented!