Sunday, June 21, 2009

Barbie Beach Party

am liking this beach theme! This was a fun cake to make. Inside was a Funfetti White cake with Strawberry Butter Cream filling. I made this cake for one of Olivia's NICU nurses (one of the many that I really liked) and so while making it I had my heart into it and wanted to do a very good job. This happened to be a weekend when husband took the rest of the kids to grandma's no babysitter/baby holder for me! This is what Olivia thought of that...needless to say I did not really get to start working on the cake until about 9:30 pm when I put the little darling to bed.
I have always said I work my best in the middle of the night....

My favorite this time was the beach balls...I made them by covering gum balls with fondant. I also liked the little sunglasses and think my sand castle was much better this time around. Can you imagine the sugar overload when the little girls at the party got done eating all of that brown sugar "sand". I hope she liked the cake....I couldn't really tell when she picked it up. I loved the way it turned out and think that next time I do a beach cake I will attempt an umbrella or a second tier of water below...the wheels are already turning!

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