Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sock Monkeys

Pictures taken with phone...They really do not do this ws so cute!

I absolutely love sock monkeys, and so I was very happy when I received an order for a baby shower with a theme of sock monkeys. I was excited but had no idea how I would pull off making a sock monkey. I hand cut out the shape for the sugar cookies. I could never decide whether I liked them with or without the eyebrows and I did half with.

The cake was fun! I loved the argyle print and the big chocolate bow idea has been waiting and waiting for the perfect cake to put it on. The monkeys turned out! I think they actually look like sock monkeys. The cake was also one that I do not get to do very was Wedding White Almond with a White Chocolate Cheesecake mousse filling...YUM!

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Kristi Clinger said...

I love Sock Monkeys! We got a carseat cover that was cover with sock monkeyies if our new little one was a boy. I was kind of sad to send it back. It was so cute.