Friday, November 20, 2009

Volleyball Cookies

Yes! Volleyball Season is over! I am so happy to free up some of our schedule. I made these cookies for my girls teams. They were playing their year end tournament...and guess what...they both took the championship! I was so happy for them. The girls worked hard this season and I wanted to help them celebrate with their friends. I made the cookies 3D with the volleyball made of a smaller cookie attached. I did the cookies in the team is a darker blue and the other is turquoise. You would be amazed how hard it actually is to make that little ball really look like a volleyball!

quick cake

I did this pink polka dot cake for a friend...she was hosting a baby shower. The cake smelled was a wedding butter almond cake with a whipped chocolate ganache die for.

I actually have been craving cake...weird for me.... and it was hard not to take a piece:)

It is iced in butter-cream and the decor is chocolate fondant.