Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a little peak of what I have been up too...

Here is just a tid-bit of what I have been keeping myself busy with...there is oh so much more....I am so blessed and am having so much fun at this time of year...I do love to bake...have I said that before?
These cookies and cake and cake balls were done for one of the cutest mom's of all time...a first birthday party. Everything she did matched and was fantastic! Cake is buttercream with a hand stencil design on both the cake and the 4 dozen cookies! (8 dozen if you count the mini cookies in the shape of 1 that I did)

Simple gingerbread...But I love it. Just tonight I made another batch and this time I dipped the backs in chocolate.

A great big order of Christmas cookies (5 dozen)...and tonight I made a double batch to decorate for myself and my truest friend. I am going to do the next round in non-traditional colors...can't wait. Also tonight I made toffee and my hand dipped See's chocolates Butterscotch squares. Hopefully I will get to share some with you! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

a new favorite..

I love this cake...the picture is a cake halfway done, before I finished the last details....I also added glitter disco dust, a bottom border with some roses and custom writing on the top. I then proceeded to forget to take a final picture...I love the design and anything with black and white with pops of color makes me happy! The picture is so deceiving...the cake was very tall and weighed a ton.

baby oh baby shower

This is my new favorite baby shower cake! I found a new technique for doing the rosette buds...I love it. A little bit of whimsy just the way I like it.

1st birthday lady bug...

I Love to do cupcakes...all of the fun none of the stress. These were funfetti cake with a strawberry buttercream filling.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

yes...I still bake...

I am still baking...but apparently not blogging! Here are just a few of the baking adventures I have been up to. I keep saying, "when I have a min. I will sit down and catch up my blog"...and then I turn around and it has been 2 months! I also have found that because of a shift in priorities as of late that I am baking and then not even taking any pictures! My newest favorite to bake is a ...Banana chocolate streusel bundt cake...The kids are over the moon every time I make it and it has wholesome ingredients all through it! I will post the recipe...when I get a min..... :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Remember me?

h Yeah I'm the girl that once kept up with a blog....and then I went on a very needed month long holiday with my little people. Laughter, crying, yelling, screaming, hugging, loving and 5,534 miles later I am back! I plan on uploading some fun things I did right before I left of my adventures...and my first cake back is set to happen this Saturday :)
I am not sure where I will be going this next year with the whole cake decorating..aerobic teaching...class taking, mommy being, life living...happiness finding....home decorating...friend making...wife loving,.... person I plan on exploring...but its gotta be good right?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

U of A!

The BIG upload

So I have been busy...very busy ...but have not posted any of the pics....

In random order here are some of the cakes I have been working on.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great Big Volleyball sugar cookies


Pinkalicious Cupcakes for a birthday party...the photos did not turn out well because of terrible lighting, but the cupcakes turned out cute...funfetti with strawberry butter cream.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If every birthday...

Oh...if every birthday could be our first! I did this cupcake-cake for a friend, her granddaughter was turning one. It was actually my first ever cupcake-cake and I LOVED it! I was so nervous about starting it...and it turned out to be fun! They were hosting the party at an exotic petting zoo type place. I think every birthday should be celebrated all out...hear that Husband.....(someones birthday is in a few weeks)... ;)

Did you miss the Bake Sale?

Then we will see you next year! :)