Thursday, April 22, 2010


My daughter #2 really wanted me to make her a cake...unlike daughter #1 who specifically requested, "NOTHING homemade, I want a Costco cake!" Anyway daughter #2 designed this cake after one I had done previously and was so happy with it. The cake was Chocolate fudge chip, with one layer of vanilla butter. The filling was Chocolate fudge...she is my daughter after all.

I made the tiara's...yes, I said tiara's because I always make at least 2 in the case of a mishap. Well, I took these first pictures and decided I should put the cake on the cake stand... I had not "glued" down the tiara with frosting yet...and the tiara made it to the ground in a million pieces. I was so sad because I had let daughter #2 pick out her favorite of the two....however the differences were very slight and we all were still happy.

Her party was at the Ice Skating Rink for 50's night...and among other contest there was a milk shake eating contest....and guess who won 2nd place...even to surpass grown men! My tiny little 10 year old....After downing a full McDonald's Milk shake in minuets she was not even able to eat more than a tiny bite of her cake that night. But no fear she had it for dessert every night for the next week!

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