Thursday, May 19, 2011

disclaimer...not my cake

It's not my cake!...Look at the cookies instead :) I helped host a bridal shower with some friends. The cake was beautiful and donated by another friend of the bride...everything about it matched perfect. I made the cookies..sugar, new york chocolate chip, mini lime cheesecake bites and Parisian lime macaroons....I do not even want to tell you how long I spent on the macaroons. It was my first attempt and I'm not even sure anyone ate any of them? I even made a lime zest buttercream filling... Why do people make macaroons? I had so many other great ideas for this event but had to use so much self control...because as tonight I am down to just 3 hours of sleep before I get up and get 4 kiddos up and going, then run off to teach aerobics . Darn sleep...

showing off my counters ;)

I am in love with my new kitchen...isn't my granite pretty...and the marble is a HUGE cutting board they made me just for my sugar cookies and baking it! These cupcakes were for a 3 year old fairy princess birthday party. The crown was made out of fondant...small cake just for the birthday girl. I think this is the perfect way to celebrate a little person's birthday. Cupcakes are fantastic.... but the small personal cake makes it special just for the birthday girl.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thoughtful Birthday...

I hope my husband loves me as much as this man must love his wife. He wanted a special cake for her...he went to a bunch of trouble getting ahold of me to make the cake (busy...too busy!) and then would make his follow up calls in the car on his way to work so that he could surprise her on her birthday. I had a great time making the cake knowing how much thought he had put into her day. The cake was simple but I loved the color combo and thought it was perfect for a birthday surprise..


A cupcake sample chocolate fudge with a Cocoa Buttermilk Frosting, Italian Cream, Vanilla Pound Cake...